Home & office Makeover

At Tisaj we understand the mental trauma of an unhealthy environment, however, lifestyle is a choice to make. Ignorance of a change can be very hazardous. At Tisaj, we have embraced the concept of introducing what’s best to individuals, families, or corporate bodies. Our approach,  the need of changing your environment into a sustainable, suitable workable space, in other to have the true comfort you need to continue to boost your life span.  So choose Tisaj makeover today to give your lifestyle the true meaning of change you can dream of.

Supply & installation of Home & Office furniture

Space, fittings, and furniture arrangements cannot be overemphasized in our homes and offices.  Tisaj has taken this process to a whole new level by introducing the best approach of utilizing your space with your furniture arrangements to marry your day-to-day activities within your budget. We lay emphasis on, colors, furniture’s positioning, and good quality materials,  that will not only served your purpose or needs but last longer. So, simply show us your furniture’s choice, we fabricate the exact and install for you. Or you don’t have any clue …welcome to Tisaj; not only do we supply you with furniture, our professionals take pleasure in tutoring you, step by step details from qualities materials, suitability and sustainability, space management and colours preference, beginning to the finishing. The satisfaction of our clients is our priority. At Tisaj we can make it happen.

Supply & installation of customized stainless steel railings (USA system)

TISAJ is a sole representative of AMANDA STAINLESS STEEL RAILINGS  AND SIMILARS PRODUCTS. We also have an arrangement with European manufacturer of custom-designed and manufactured staircase(Spiral) designed to your individual or company’s specification.

Sourcing of apartments /Office space/h3>

Tisaj nature of work with our expertise experience has given us huge ample information and opportunities,  as such, we have access to great numbers of home and office owners /developers. By rendering you our main core services, we can as well help you secure a home/office space/ building suitable for your needs.


Having a decade of experience both locally and internationally,  help us to leverage miscellaneous activities, such as sourcing, import, and export of materials both home use,  office used schools, and hospitals used e.t.c…if you need the help of any, simply call Tisaj …. .your comfort…our priorities. Making a world of difference.

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